January 17, 1989: A seventeen year old girl is allegedly kidnapped on her way to Central High School, Brooksville, by David Perry of Spring Hill. He is said to have raped her three times before letter her go.

These allegations lead to Perry spending three weeks behind bars charged with sexual assault, false imprisonment, and burglary.

On February 4, the same girl files another false report, not of rape this time, but one that seriously undermines her credibility. Three men in ski masks break into her home, tie her up, and beat her in the head. When questioned about this she claims to have been SEEKING ATTENTION.

On February 8, she recants the rape allegation to the Hernando Sheriff’s Office. She ends up being detained for psychiatric evaluation. So what happened with Perry? His version has the ring of truth.

It was a cold day, he was on his way to work when he saw her, and offered her a lift. They drove to a filling station where he phoned his employer and said he wouldn’t be at work after all, then the two drove around on a shoplifting spree! He stole, and she took back the items for refunds. They had sex twice in the woods, and at the end of the day in her aunt’s mobile home!

One lawman was quoted thus: “We certainly feel that this man took advantage of this girl, but it no longer fits the definition of sexual battery”.

Interestingly, the girl was said to have suffered internal trauma - something that can be caused by rough sex or even not-so-rough sex, especially with a young and presumably inexperienced girl like this. Who took advantage of whom?

[The above is based on a report by Alicia Caldwell in the Tampa Bay Times, (CITY Edition) February 15, 1989, page 1, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

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