Elise and Eddie Makdessi rape, greed and murder

Circa May 3, 1996: Elise Makdessi makes a tape alleging she had suffered sexual harassment, including rape, at the hands of several US Naval personnel with whom she worked. This is a truly fantastic false rape allegation made for purely financial motives, one which led to the murder of both an innocent man and of the false accuser herself at the hands of her co-conspirator husband. The double murder was carried out on May 15, 1996.

On May 7, 2001, Eddie Makdessi was indicted by a grand jury for the murders of his wife and Quincy Brown - Brown was killed first; Elise immediately afterwards. He was convicted on March 16, 2006. His failed appeal before the Virginia Court of Appeals gives the full background to the false rape claims, as does the October 2008 documentary Double Cross. File this one under GIVE ME MONEY.

There is a poetic footnote to this case. While Eddie and his wife concocted fake allegations of rape, he ended up protesting about real ones: his own!

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