CHARGES OF RAPE by W.D. Sutherland

May 1915: The above article appeared in the Indian Medical Gazette as dated. The author served with the Royal Medical Corps, at that time India being under British control, of course.

As will be seen from the article itself, this was a paper that was read on March 10 that year. My apologies for the poor quality of the scan.

All the cases he cites herein have been anonymised, as usual, but they are more than anecdotes. Although to this day India has SPECIAL PROBLEMS with false rape allegations, Sutherland emphasises spite.

He also suggests that some faux rape victims inflict imjuries on themselves; there are many such examples in this database, but Sutherland mentions vaginal injuries which “are not difficult to inflict, and are not necessarily very painful”. Certainly not as painful as the punishment inflicted on a poor sap like Christopher Wheeler.

Then there is the case of the girl who claimed two men held her down while a third raped her, then they changed positions, the other two raping her in turn. No seminal fluid was found on her clothing, but the bloodstains turned out to be bird blood!

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