Palm Beach ó false allegation caught on camera

February 26, 1996: A traffic cop in Palm Beach, Florida, tickets a female motorist.

This is a false allegation of indecent assault rather than rape, although the complainant does claim he touched her vagina. I have included it here because it was caught on camera, because it was made against a police officer, because it was so blatant, and also because I have used the footage before.

I am not absolutely certain about the date, but I would assume the figures at the bottom right hand of the screen are accurate, ie 02-26-96, American date format.

At this time, dash cams had been around only about ten years, and the quality was not that good. Although it is usually police misbehaviour that is caught on them, there are many instances in which totally innocent police officers have been saved from career ending false allegations, this being one.

I contacted Palm Beach Police several times in connection with this incident, but have to date received no reply, nor have I been able to find any follow up anywhere. I only hope this woman was given an immediate gaol sentence.

Watch and marvel. And donít forget, it was his fault, as she says at the end. How could it not be?

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