Medical examination by lady doctors of female victims of sexual offences: policy

This file is made up of a number of documents from the above titled file. I scanned these at Kew on April 20, 2017. Although as you will see from the catalogue entry below it is dated 1931-2, it actually covers a slightly longer period, as will be seen from the pages therein.

First a note on the scanning; many such documents are foolscap, which makes them difficult to scan for A4. Also their condition often leaves much to be desired. I did the best I could, which included chopping up a few of them. I have copied selected pages rather than the entire file.

Although this file does not concern false rape allegations, it is included here because I found it interesting. As is evident from the title, it concerns the examination of sexual assault victims, and makes the very reasonable suggestion that these should be examined by lady doctors. The very last thing a rape victim needs is a man putting his hands all over and inside her. Alas, this was still not the case as recently as 2006, as I know from my contact with the mother of a girl who was medically examined after claiming she had been raped.

It will be noted though that at page 32 it is pointed out that lady doctors were employed in both schools and VD clinics.

Although I have not copied it, the file contained a list of literally hundreds of lady doctors domiciled within the Greater London area, something that surprised me, and which gives the lie to feminist drivel about the chimera of sexism in the medical profession. Nurses have traditionally been women, but once the top end was opened up to them in the Nineteenth Century, the only barriers they faced were financial ones, the same as men.

The last page of this document contains a reference to “little girls of depraved tendencies”. I leave it to the reader to decide what that means!

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