February 24-March 24, 2010: The educational videos below about false allegations of child sexual abuse were uploaded to the Lorandos YouTube channel.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 1 above was uploaded March 16, 2010; Part 2 was uploaded March 24, 2010; Part 3 was uploaded February 24, 2010. I have no idea why Part 3 precedes Part 2 chronologically, but it may be that one (or more) of the files was re-edited and re-uploaded. There are a lot more where this came from, and I would urge those who have an interest in this subject to check out Dr Lorandos and his colleagues; they are doing sterling work, and are clearly not in this for the money. A synopsis of each clip follows. If you have a problem with any particular video, try saving to disk then playing it.

Part 1: Introduction by Dr Lorandos. This includes the “Mondale Act” and its adverse effects; the book Sexual Abuse Of Young Children; the fallacious child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome.

Part 2: The book Integrated Treatment Of Child Sexual Abuse; the CAP program; the suggestibility of children; the work of Wakefield & Underwager (and the smear campaign against them).

Part 3: David Corwin and the fallacy of child sexual abuse syndrome. Research findings on the suggestibility of children. The work of Stephen Ceci; Kelly Michaels; the Sam Stone experiment; the mousetrap experiment.

Although these videos have an American perspective, their relevance is universal.

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