July 18, 1991: Around 10.30pm, Kathleen Mary Gregson knocks on a door in Tilbury and tells the householder she has been raped, ostensibly by a stranger. She looks the part, and is crying. The police are called, she is taken to a police station and medically examined; it is confirmed she has had intercourse consistent with rape. She is taken to hospital where she is also treated for an injured ankle, then taken home.

Less than three hours after her report, the accused is arrested at the home of his parents. Kathleen Gregson is taken back to the police station at 3pm on July 19; she makes a lengthy statement. Five hours later, the officers who had been questioning the suspect, question her, at which point she admits she knew him and that the sex had been consensual! She makes a second statement retracting everything, and after 20 hours 35 minutes, Mr Anonymous is released.

After pleading guilty to doing an act tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice, she was given a 9 month sentence at Chelmsford Crown Court. At the time of her appeal, May 21, 1992, she was 49 years old; her victim was much younger. Her sentence was reduced to four months.

[The above is a summary of this reported case from the Westlaw database].

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