March 4, 1992: Saleswoman Linda Johnson visits Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, where she claims to have been kidnapped, raped and robbed. She said the attack happened around 7.30pm in a parking lot. Chief of detectives Major Leonard Strawderman and Cuyahoga Falls police spend over a hundred hours investigating her allegations before concluding she made it all up. She was examined at Akron City Hospital where it was determined she had not been raped.

Although this appears to be her first and hopefully only false rape allegation, there is evidence she has made at least one false allegation before, possibly an insurance scam. At the time of this report she also had warrants (plural) outstanding for alleged financial crimes. She admitted the robbery was a hoax but would not talk about the (phantom) rape.

[The above is based on a report by Robert Hoiles and Eric Sandstrom published in the Akron Beacon Journal, 1 STAR Edition, March 13, 1992, page B1, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

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