December 22, 1999: In North London, a nun is the victim of a vicious rape. Or is she?

I remember this story, but the version I read did not allude to a rape claim, only to the fake attack. I was actually going to use this in my speech Drop Dead, Doreen Lawrence! but it was already prolix with the inclusion of hate crime hoaxer killers Susan Smith and Charles Stuart.

Unsurprisingly, this was international news; the first article below is from a South Africa news site. Iím not entirely sure if the attack took place on December 21 or December 22; if the former, she canít have been found for some considerable time, and was lucky to be alive. The second article was lifted from the Guardian website after the shocking truth had sunk in.

As far as I have been able to ascertain, the nun was never identified, much less prosecuted as suggested by this article. I wouldnít be surprised though if she ended up bouncing off the walls in a rubber room. Truly shocking, and not the only mad nun in this database! See the entry for January 22, 2011, Mary Turcotte.

Above: the horrific report of the rape of a nun; below, the shocking truth.

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