Victim Reactions During Rape/Sexual Assault...

The full title of the above publication is VICTIM REACTIONS DURING RAPE/SEXUAL ASSAULT: A PRELIMINARY STUDY OF THE IMMOBILITY RESPONSE AND ITS CORRELATES; it has four authors who are listed in alphabetical order: Grace Galliano, Linda M. Noble, Carol Puechl and Linda A. Travis.

Its title is very relevant: a large number of rape victims do not resist actively but are petrified with fear, frozen, like a deer in the headlights of a car, as has often been claimed. What is the truth about this? Women are not damsels, and never have been. If a woman doesnít resist her attacker it is usually for a good reason. When the 14 year old Kristie Reed was told to lie down by Paul Powell, she complied at once because he had already murdered her sister, and would go on to nearly murder her. When James Hanratty raped Valerie Storie, she did not resist because not only was he armed but he had just murdered her lover. Most genuine rape victims are not faced with such a terrible dilemma: fight and die; flee and die; comply and die. Even girls as young as six have been known to fight and fight off sexual predators.

In February 2012, a man tried to kidnap 7 year old Brittney Baxter from a Walmart store in Georgia; the attempt was captured on CCTV and made international headlines. In April 2014, 6 year old Savanna Norman of Washington State fought off not one but two men who tried to kidnap her in the street.

Of course, not every adult victim can fight off an attacker, be he a rapist, a serial killer, or a humble mugger, but most of these so-called survivors who donít even attempt to defend their honour comply not out of fear but either because they consent then withdraw that consent later, or because they are drunk in some measure.

Ignore all the guff about tonic immobility; this is a propaganda document.

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