June 23, 1995: Cressey Brazier is cleared of twice raping a teenage girl, in June and October 1993. The doctor from Dedham, Maine, was also accused of hitting Little Miss Anonymous in the face in April 1994. This report illustrates the at times shoddy practices of police who investigate cases of this nature. Brazierís attorney suggests the detective on the case didnít investigate it properly at all, and when he realised the doctor had alibis for the original dates, he simply changed them.

From other reports it is clear the doctor was a busy man - as doctors tend to be. He was also newly married, and in addition to spending time with his new wife, was spending as much as he could with his daughters from his previous marriage. From other media reports, it is clear this case should never have got anywhere near a courtroom. It is possible too to discern a motive for the allegations as the non-victim had gone to primary school with one of his daughters.

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