April 27, 1989: A report is published in the London Times of the acquittal of the defendant in what is said to be the first charge of marital rape ever in Scotland. He was alleged to have handcuffed her first.

Both parties are unnamed, but the alleged rape was said to have happened in August 1988. They had been in the process of reconciliation and:

“Within a month of the alleged rape, the couple were having sexual intercourse with each other and were showering each other with presents...”

In January 1989, after an argument she told police he was seeing her against his bail conditions. As Counsel for the Defence pointed out:

“if the couple had been allowed to continue their reconciliation they would have been living together today and she would have withdrawn the charges.”

He added: “In my submission, the law should not interfere too closely in differences between husband and wife. I am not suggesting for one second that the law should not interfere at all, but there must be very few married couples where one or other has not gone over the top from time to time.”

The wife had now started divorce proceedings.

Cases like this should not get anywhere near a courtroom, in spite of the incessant whinings of the loony feminist movement.

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