March 5, 1984: This one is both shocking and weird. Two young girls - cousins aged four and five - are taken to hospital where they are found to have been sexually violated. They are named, but will not be named here. The girls accuse Sylvester Smith, who is tried and convicted. The assaults were said to have taken place over the weekend. On December 10, 1985, the North Carolina Supreme Court finds no error, but when they grow up, the girls recant. They had actually been molested by their 9 year old cousin, and their grandmother had pressured them into accusing Smith to protect him, even though he was doli incapax. Smith is cleared finally in November 2004; the real perpetrator ends up serving a life sentence for murder.

This is an AP release and this is his entry on the Injustice Busters website.

This poor guy can only be filed under FALSE AND TRUE.

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