February 19, 1984: Student Alberto Ramos is accused of raping a 5 year old girl at the New York City nursery where he is employed as a part-time teacherís aide. The alleged rape is said to have occurred two days earlier.

This unusual and disturbing case involves a child who might be described as highly sexualised. Although uncommon, this problem is by no means unique, as can be seen for example from Sexual Behavior and Children: When Is It a Problem and What to Do About It.

In this case, the young girl had also (falsely) accused another child of interfering with her sexually. Serious prosecutorial misconduct led to the conviction of Ramos when realistically no prosecution should have been brought. He was convicted May 20, 1985 and exonerated in 1994.

There is a mistake in this judgment - the former date is given instead as February 19, 1994.

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