January 2, 1984: Teenager Terry Williams commits the first of two murders; Herbert Hamilton was stabbed and battered to death in his own home, then his body was set on fire. On June 11, 1984, he commits murder number 2. Amos Norwood is battered to death, only this time, Williams ropes in his friend Marc Draper. After his arrest, Williams points the finger at Draper and another (totally innocent) individual. Draper is given a life sentence; Williams is sentenced to death for the Norwood murder.

Years later, the anti-death penalty crowd invent an entirely fictitious narrative claiming Williams had suffered years of sexual abuse as a child. The Wikipedia entry for Williams claims the two victims had raped him repeatedly. These people have no shame.

The reader is invited to compare this and other rubbish about the case with the findings of fact of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

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