September 1992: Susan Gooch meets a stranger in a restaurant, the two have sex in a shop doorway then on a Metropolitan Line train between Baker Street and Harrow.

For whatever reason, she then accuses her work colleague, a younger man named David Dunn, of raping her on the train. He is arrested. He is also sacked, although when the truth comes out, he is reinstated.

Incredibly, even her victim parrots the de rigueur narrative. In the October 27, 1993 issue of the Daily Mirror he was quoted thus: “In doing it, she’s also hurt all genuine rape victims who will probably now have a harder time putting their case to the police.”

According to The Independent, October 27, 1993, when she appeared at the Central Criminal Court to face two charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice, Gooch said in a statement read by the prosecution: “Although I thought it was rape, I accept I was not in fact raped.”

She received probation for this outrage, two years. And was ordered to pay £1,000 prosecution costs. See report below.

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