May 22, 1974: Willard Bohannon, Robert Stonestreet and an unnamed juvenile have sex with a woman who is said to have an IQ of 63 and to be mildly retarded. Mildly? This case is sordid in the extreme, and even if this woman wasn’t raped, these reprobates certainly took advantage of her. All three are indicted for rape and convicted, but on appeal, the Supreme Court of Massachusetts orders a retrial.

Leaving aside her contradictory testimony, evidence was adduced that she had previously made false rape allegations - plural; these were excluded by the judge. The retrial led to another conviction, another appeal, and another reversal, by which time the unnamed juvenile was dead. From the available evidence it is difficult to see how any jury would convict considering the continually changing testimony of the accuser. Neither was her clothing torn, which is indicative of consent.

This one can only be filed under ASKING FOR IT. Having sex with a woman who will drop her knickers for a can of beer whether alone or in a group can lead only to trouble, and having sex with a woman whom you even suspect of being mentally defective is a recipe for disaster.

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