July 9, 2007: In Washington State, Katharine M. Clifton meets with detectives telling them that at 7am on July 5, 2007, a college professor broke into her Woodinville house and raped her. He had, she said, been turning up at places she frequented. The hapless academic is arrested on July 12, 2007, and bail set at $500,000. As detectives search in vain for forensic evidence at her house, Clifton forges a court order that apparently tells her not to talk about the case, presumably to show to fellow students. On July 26, charges against the professor are dismissed.

According to one law enforcement officer, Clifton was “an extremely articulate and credible victim,” adding “There was no reason to suspect she wasn’t telling the truth.”

And King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Shelby Smith said Clifton’s actions will also “harm the community of sexual-assault victims,” who will find their cases more difficult to pursue. She added: “Other victims will be treated with more scrutiny”.

Maybe that is not a bad idea?

In March 2008, having pleaded guilty to making the false allegation, Clifton is sentenced to serve 365 days in jail, with 357 days suspended, and to pay a $5,000 fine, with $4,750 suspended, plus other conditions that include probation and community service. She is also ordered to pay the professor’s legal fees.

The strange sentence was presumably to reflect the time the professor spent behind bars. Had he been convicted, he would probably have been sentenced to twenty or more years.

After the hearing, Clifton did not comment but filed a detailed statement which included the claim that she had been sexually abused by her grandfather, who had been convicted of the rape of a child in 1994. In other words, in keeping with the feminist rape narrative, it was not my fault, but the fault of the patriarchy, men, or in this case, one thoroughly evil man in particular. Assuming she was telling the truth about this other rape!

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