False Rape Allegation By Two Sisters In Ottawa

March 24, 2003: Sisters Fawn and Terese tell Ottawa Police they were drugged and raped by two men.

This nearly 13 minute video relates to this case. It speaks for itself, but a few points:

It is notable that more and more often the police are putting female officers in charge of rape investigations. As long as they are not rad-fems (and clearly these here are not), that is a good thing. Nobody understands the murky workings of a womanís mind like another woman. We are not told here why the investigating officer was so confident these two were not telling the whole truth, but I would suggest she had considerable evidence from multiple parties, perhaps even photographic/video evidence. As has been documented thoroughly elsewhere, the drugging and raping of women is extremely rare. As far as any drug is used, it is usually self-administered alcohol.

The so-called experts alluded to herein are no such thing; Elizabeth Sheehy is a feminist academic whose vacuous book Defending Battered Women On Trial has been shredded by a number of critics including the anti-feminist vlogger Diana Davison.

Polygraphs are junk science, whatever this particular police officer says or thinks about them.

Jessica Carfagnini is a lesbian as well as a feminist.

The commentary by Jane Doe is a wilfully deceptive juxtaposition, and just because she didnít lie doesnít mean other women donít. Incidentally, she was a victim of serial rapist Paul Callow, who was released after serving a twenty year sentence. In an interview with a Canadian TV station shortly after his release, he spouted feminist propaganda about objectifying women. Before his reign of terror as the Balcony Rapist, Callow had already been convicted of rape, receiving a four year sentence. It would have been far better to keep this dude locked up rather than brainwashing him and turning him loose on the public.

Re the above video, we hear too the usual statistical garbage. For the Nth time, nobody knows how many sexual assaults - rape and otherwise - are not reported.

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