Another Door Closed: Rape Trauma Syndrome by Michael Donohue

1987/8: ANOTHER DOOR CLOSED: RAPE TRAUMA SYNDROME by Michael Donohue is published.

Although the above article by a superior court judge errs in favour of this fallacious concept, it contains a fairly comprehensive overview of the literature up until that time - from an American perspective - and bundles of case law.

“Expert testimony of RTS can be both relevant and helpful to the trier of fact in rape prosecutions.” Indeed?

He concludes: “...the myths which surround rape and its victims remain. Juries’ general ‘tendency to view rape charges with skepticism and suspicion, especially when there is a suggestion of willingness or agreement on the part of the victim’”.

If the lady consents, she is not a victim, and juries are rightly entitled to be skeptical when a woman does not report reasonably promptly, or if she continues to date her alleged rapist.

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