Sheri Stevens

March 14, 1990: At Waukesha, Milwaukee, Sheri Stevens claims to have been raped in a hospital car park after being attacked by Michael Lewis and two other men. Lewis spends three months behind bars. Stevens actually claims to have been sexually assaulted twice in ten days, the first time in a restaurant car park. This assault was admitted by Lewis; it was not a rape but a personal dispute.

Stevens repeated the lie on March 28 but recanted in June, and pleaded NO CONTEST to a charge of perjury relating to the second incident. She admits she concocted it, including burning her sweater:

“The statement I gave was a lie...I was afraid he was going to come back after me.”

Indeed. Lewis was convicted of a misdemeanor and received probation. She underwent therapy.

[The above is based on a report from The Milwaukee Journal, July 31, 1992, Waukesha Edition III, front page and page W4, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

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