Karen Sorlucco

January 12-3, 1983: Karen Sorlucco claims to have been falsely imprisoned in her New York City apartment. The man who did this raped and otherwise violated her. Conveniently, she destroys the evidence on January 14, but as she is a probationary police officer this claim does not ring true. On January 17, she reports her alleged rape, but claims the perpetrator was a stranger, and that it happened on January 7. After much more flim-flam she gives her penultimate version of events, she was raped January 13-4 by another police officer, John Mielko; eventually she withdraws the charges. Mielko admits there was sex but says it was consensual. He passes a polygraph, but she has already told so many lies that...more follow.

Unsurprisingly, she is sacked. This is the way it played out in civil court.

There may be an error in the transcript regarding the dates January 12-3/January 13-4. I have found and advised of errors in legal transcripts before, but once they are published permanently they are generally not corrected.

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