Elizabeth Ward and Bill Clinton

1983: Elizabeth Ward has a one-night stand with Bill Clinton, who was then Governor of Arkansas. Like Clinton, she was married, although she was divorced in 1984. In 1981, Elizabeth Ward won the title of Miss Arkansas; the following year she became Miss America. Later known as Elizabeth Gracen, she went on to become an actress but did not achieve the success she deserved.

After the Lewinsky affair, all manner of rumours were circulated about Clinton; there was open speculation that he was a serial rapist, and the name Elizabeth Ward was thrown into the ring.

What she thought about this particular allegation can be seen in this syndicated article from The Gainesville Sun, April 26, 1998, page 8A. Some people have claimed she told her friends Clinton raped her and still insists so in private to this day, but unlike most of Clintonís accusers, the lady has more class than that.

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