January 1, 2000: At 4.30am, police and firefighters find a naked woman lying on the ground at Butler Street, Adrian in the State of Michigan. She is cold and drunk - not a good way to start the New Year - she is taken to the Bixby Medical Center where she tells a police officer she was raped on Seneca Highway. As she has inter alia a broken nose, why wouldn’t they believe her? She gives a description of her two attackers who kidnapped her from outside her apartment, and on January 14 attends an identification parade, to no avail.

On March 31, she tells one of the investigating officers she needs to speak to him; on April 3, she admits to John Figurski that she was neither raped nor kidnapped. She had been to a New Year’s party with an old boyfriend (without the knowledge of her new boyfriend!) but he drove her home after she became loud and obnoxious. Police said the 35 year old was facing a felony charge.

[The above was extracted from the report by Paul Wetter in The Daily Telegram, (Adrian, Michigan), May 21, 2000, no page given, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

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