Disputed study finds prison rape is rare by Kim Curtis

January 18, 2006: Disputed study finds prison rape is rare by Kim Curtis appears in the Star News (Wilmington, North Carolina).

The above alludes to a study that was published later in the year. It runs to well over three hundred pages, and although I donít have the time to read it cover to cover, I have looked it over. I have to say I am in broad agreement. It covers women in prison too, and says inmates who have sex generally lie about it being rape, or claim they have been raped in order to play the system, eg to be transferred.

Having spent more than two years of my life behind bars, I can only say I never heard of either a false rape allegation or a genuine one. While the situation may be different in the UK, it is not that different. Violence - against staff but mostly against other inmates - is another story; I have seen both and indeed have experienced it. The main reason prison rape is believed nowadays to be rife is because MRAs have been pushing their own pathetic victim narrative to counter feminism. Another reason is feminists and anti-rape activists (so-called) push the myth in order to secure male support, not only from white knights, but from politicians and other saps.

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