March 12-3, 1989: A fifteen year old girl has sex with Roderick Williams, who is twenty years old, either at the time of the trial in December 1989 or at the time of the alleged offenses. In Alaska this would probably have constituted statutory rape, but something far more serious is on the table.

Along with Karmin Bell, teenager Anthony Heffner and Derek Martin, he is facing rape charges. The three - Bell, Heffner and Martin - are also alleged to have burned her with cigarettes and beaten her. In court it was shown she had lied about her movements - leaving and returning to the hotel, the implication being she had been held prisoner when clearly she hadnít. She also admitted lying about Williams, claiming she had accused him of rape because he didnít stop the others doing whatever they were doing to her.

The judge considered her testimony to be so tainted that the major charges were dropped and the three miscreants allowed to plead NO CONTEST to minor charges.

File this lot under ASKING FOR IT.

[The above is based on a report RAPE CASE FALLS APART AS GIRL ADMITS LIE by John Tepton in the Anchorage Daily News, Final, December 15, 1989, page B1, (accessed here through NewsBank). It gives the dates concerned as March 13-4 but says the rapes didnít happen Sunday evening into Monday morning, which was March 12-3].

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