Inez Garcia — rape liar and murderess

March 17, 1974: Inez Garcia murders Miguel Jiminez, gunning him down in the street. This case became a cause célèbre because it was taken up by the usual suspects, including of course second wave feminism. This contemporaneous account of her conviction is undoubtedly more accurate than all the drivel that has been written about it since, ie it was a simple act of murder rather than an act of revenge for a rape committed earlier that day.

The Wikipedia entry for Garcia reads in part “While being interrogated, Garcia claimed that the two men had merely attempted to rape her. Her Catholic sensibilities and sense of shame prevented her from revealing the whole truth. At the jail, she was tested for drugs and alcohol but not for signs of rape. Castillo was never charged with any crime.”

The reader will note she did not exhibit such “Catholic sensibilities” during her trial.

In December 1975, the California Court of Appeals overturned her conviction and ordered a retrial at which she was acquitted claiming self-defense. Shooting dead an unarmed man after hunting him down is self-defense? Go figure.

Facing the camera, Inez Garcia (1941-2003).

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