1988: In Canada, a teenager known only as R.R.1 is attending a party at the house of her boyfriend. She and another guest go outside and have sex. As you would do. When they return, boyfriend is a tad suspicious, so she accuses this poor sap of raping her. The police are called, she repeats her claim, and he is arrested. Several days later she goes to the police station and tells the truth. She is charged with public mischief, and pleads guilty.

The above information found its way into a judgment by the Ontario Court of Appeal, in what can only be described as a horrible case. Before going any further, it is well to point out that this girl was said to have been of limited mental capacity, though apparently not that limited. Shortly, she would go on to accuse her own brother of raping her several times, and he was convicted. So-called expert evidence was heard from Anne-Marie Wicksted, but leaving that aside, you would think any evidence coming from this chick - who was seventeen years old at the time of the alleged rapes - would be extremely suspect.

Now here is where it gets really horrible, because in 1982, this dude had been convicted of raping his other sister. Not only does this beg the question can you believe anything either of them says, but why was he living with his family? If you’re not as skeptical as me, you can file this one under FALSE AND TRUE.

A word about our expert witness; Wicksted is a genuine rape survivor, having been the victim of a particularly brutal rape when she was young, but here she makes the classic self-serving statements of all such counsellors. For example, she says that in what she calls the pseudo-resolution phase of rape trauma syndrome, a victim will often recant due to a desire to forget the trauma. A far more plausible explanation is that an accuser will recant when she has had time to consider the consequences of her actions, especially if she has been on CCTV or sent her alleged violator a compromising message or two after she claims she was raped.

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