September 16, 1998: Missouri woman Judith Lummis is allegedly kidnapped at knifepoint and sexually violated. Based on her description of an Hispanic male, Armand Villasana is arrested. After spending 21 months on remand, the charges are dropped. DNA evidence found inside her clothing does not match Villasana, but in January 2007, the case is reopened.

When the man who left the DNA is identified, he tells the authorities he and the married Lummis were having an affair; she fabricated the claim to divert suspicion away from this. Furthermore, it transpires that Lummis had made a strikingly similar false allegation elsewhere in Missouri; in that case too, the accused was not brought to trial.

In September 2007, it is reported that Judith Ann Lummis would serve a four year sentence for an earlier, unrelated offence, someone clearly having decided justice had to be done one way or another.

She was paroled April 8, 2008.

Curiously, the Innocence Project listed this as a miscarriage of justice based on an honest false identification.

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