Linda Marshall - James Daveggio and Michelle Michaud

November 3, 1997: In Pleasanton, California, Linda Marshall is kidnapped by James Daveggio and Michelle Michaud. She is raped, photographed - like in compromising poses - then they let her go, Michaud warning her not to contact the police, or else.

Linda does contact the police, but lies, telling them she was kidnapped by three men in a van, and raped. Her story doesn’t take long to fall apart, and she withdraws her complaint. Fuelled by methamphetamines, Daveggio and Michaud are on a crime spree that can have only one ending. As the news leaks out, Linda comes forward, but it is too late for one young woman. On December 2, 1997, Vanessa Samson is murdered. The gruesome twosome are arrested the next day.

Linda Marshall knew Daveggio and Michaud by sight, and could have brought an end to their short but terrifying rampage. She was only seventeen years old though, so it is difficult to criticise her. If there is one lesson to be learned from this case, it is how important it is for genuine victims not to lie to the police, sometimes as much as faux victims.

Here is some of the legal background.

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