I Invented My Rapist

August 6, 1996: I invented my rapist is the title on the front cover of the magazine.

The full citation is What makes a woman lie about being raped? by Carole Richardson, published in best, 6 AUGUST 1996 ISSUE 31/96, pages 48-9.

As well as the usual flim-flam there is some good stuff here including some commentary from Jill Saward (1965-2017) who said false accusers should be given short prison sentences. If you have not heard of the lady, she was the victim of the notorious 1986 Ealing vicarage rape, a case that caused a public outcry due to the excessively lenient sentences handed down by the half-senile trial judge. Saward became an anti-rape campaigner, and remained one until her premature death.

The article covers Elizabeth Richardson and Gary Nitsch; the Cathleen Crowell case; and Carol Collard (no information yet), though obviously not in great detail.

Some women who cry rape have been sexually abused in the past, we are told; they are very confused about men and sex, while some are just lonely - sob.

There is a brief interview with the falsely accused David McFadden (not included here yet), and some comment from a female detective - not particularly intelligent comment as it happens.

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