June 22, 1999: An ASYLUM SNEAKER from Ethiopia known only as XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX appears before a board at Ottawa, and in November 2000 is advised why her claim has been unsuccessful. This one is hilarious. If you don’t want to read the whole judgment, here are some of the juicier quotes:

“You say that you were raped at age 15 by a man who was a cousin to the family for which you cleaned house.”

“You married, you said, in 1979. At first you said 1997, but then you corrected that to 1979, and you said, in fact, your husband was killed in 1979.”

“You described in detail your experiences as a Midgan, the problems that you had.”

“You also told us that with regard to your own visa application, which appears as 2000 CanLII 21315 (CA IRB) A98-01069 Exhibit R2, the information contained in it is false. That’s what the story was up until about 9:30 this morning.”

“At today’s resumption, today being November 8th, 2000, you, being aware of admissions of misrepresentation made by your sister in her own claim, admitted that you had provided the Panel with substantial false information.”

“With regard to paragraph 3 of your Personal Information Form, you told us today that you were not raped when you were 15. In fact, nothing of that sort happened to you all the while that you were keeping house. So your testimony today in connection with those two paragraphs and the earlier testimony that you gave orally is also set aside because it’s untruthful.”

“You also told us today that between 1980 and 1983 you were employed with the airline and that your boss sexually harassed you. He wanted to have sex with you, and you would refuse, and as a result, in 1983 you were fired. I will note for the record that there is no reference in your Personal Information Form to your having worked for the airline in 1980 to 1983.”

“in addition to your own false information provided in your PIF and as well over a number of prior sittings, you also provided us during those same sittings with false information about your sister and about your sister’s husband. You said that he was the owner of a small store destroyed by the military. Counsel even talks about that in submissions that he made once before, before new evidence came to light.”

“You also admitted today that you had provided false information with regard to your children’s birth dates.”

Lovely stuff!

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