Deborah Kantaeng

October 2, 1974: Teenager Deborah Kantaeng of Long Beach, California, claims to have been kidnapped and raped by Danny Allen and another man on this date. She said Allen forced her to give him her address and phone number. As any rapist would. When he turned up the next day with a second man - Carl Tice - she shot Allen in the face.

As Mr Tice was ruled to be a totally innocent party, what are we to make of this? We know many of the women who make false rape allegations are head cases, and there is evidence here that Kantaeng was, but for what might be called a legitimate reason. In the article below, her attorney says she had been suffering from epileptic amnesia after a recent car crash, and did not always remember things correctly. It is possible he was setting up an insanity defense, but it is more likely he (and she) were telling the truth on this point. Could she have imagined the rape for whatever reason? She appears to have had consensual sex with Allen, according to the same article. Had this petite woman been raped repeatedly by two men, she would almost certainly have suffered some injury, probably external as well as internal, but there is no mention of this, nor any suggestion that anyone else noticed such injury. For the obvious reason.

In spite of her youth she was already married, so there is another clue as to her motive. This report is from The Hopewell News (Virginia), October 8, 1974, page 12.

Deborah Kantaeng stood trial for murder and was acquitted on October 2, 1975 - a year to the day exactly since the crime. After the trial a juror said they didnít find the prosecution case convincing, but they werenít convinced by her version either.

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