Police target falsified reports of sex assaults

January 26, 1983: [The above article was published in the Rhode Island newspaper Providence Journal (The Evening Bulletin) as dated by Journal-Bulletin Staff Writer Gina Macris, City Edition, page C-01 - (accessed here through NewsBank)].

It begins with the revelation that the 18 year old Laurie Keenan was charged on January 25 with falsifying a police report while an unnamed 15 year old - her accomplice - was referred to the Family Court as part of a new policy on cracking down on women and girls who make these kind of false reports. The two claimed to have been kidnapped and raped on January 17, apparently from Providence, where Keenan lives. Two other reports from the last ten days were said to be questionable, ie false like this one.

In the second, a woman claimed she was raped then said she wasnít. In the third, the complainant described in detail how she was raped at gunpoint, then said she did not want to pursue the complaint.

An observation made here by Detective Sergeant Katherine Cibor is that false allegations of sexual assault are more common in the summer. I have no idea why that might be, although New Yearís Eve/New Yearís Day and other holidays in which sex, alcohol and loss of inhibition come together need no explaining.

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