Inside Time, September 2015

The four screengrabs below were lifted from Inside Time, a free newspaper distributed to prisoners in the UK. The first is from page 13, and contains some critical comment about the posthumous witch-hunt of Edward Heath, see entries for August 25, 2015 and Operation Conifer.

The next three appeared on page 13, page 30 and page 42 respectively. They should give you an insight into how disreputable law firms trawl for victims of historical sexual abuse. Note in particular the dishonest rhetoric of the second two advertisements. Imagine for one minute you were sitting in a prison cell. When you are released in two or three years time you may be homeless, and even if you have marketable skills, who will employ you? Wouldn’t you be tempted to embellish a story about being sexually abused as a child to attract not only compensation but sympathy, and to rationalise your own folly?

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