Woman sues mom for $4M in alleged incest case by M.A.J. McKenna

October 18, 1992: Woman sues mom for $4M in alleged incest case by M.A.J. McKenna.

The above story appeared in the Boston Herald, page 1, as dated (accessed here through NewsBank).

Briefly, Maryland resident Marge Lenane claims to have been subjected to horrendous sexual abuse forty years previously in Roslindale, Boston. This is another repressed memory case, Her own father (who died in 1979) and a neighbour named Joseph Dickie are said to have been the culprits. Marge has four younger siblings, and they have all broken contact with her to support their mother.

The day prior to the publication of this article they released a statement: “This is an unwarranted suit brought by a troubled woman. The situation has brought the family great pain and would only be made worse by commenting further in the paper.”

Her allegations against Mr Dickie are said to date to 1989. And would you believe she found an airhead expert witness to testify on her behalf? This is a psychiatrist named Susan Brant, who was still in practice two decades and more later.

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