Rape Law: A Feminist Legal Analysis by Miriam Benson

1989: Rape Law: A Feminist Legal Analysis by Miriam Benson is published.

No more specific date is available for the above article though it was probably published later in the year, but please don’t allow that or anything else to dampen your laughter. Where to begin?

“Feminism can be credited with making the first serious efforts to empower women in all aspects of life” - nope, feminism has done precisely nothing for women except make some men hate them, men who wouldn’t have hated them in the first place.

Two feminist authors suggest “rape has been seen throughout history as an offence by one man against another man’s property” - wrong again, for example, in England the crime of rape appeared under the Offences Against The Person Act, 1861 rather than the Offences Against The Property Of Men Act.

Susan Brownmiller is endorsed. OMG.

“There are several misogynistic images which have influenced legal theory and practice in the United States, England and Israel. First, there is the image of woman as liar.” Read: believe the victim.

“many [American] states until recently required corroboration in rape cases. Because...” so many women claim falsely to have been raped - see above and below. Click here for an insight into their motives. The elimination of the corroboration rule has led to countless miscarriages of justice, and these witches are still not satisfied, nor will they ever be until only the bare allegation of rape is necessary to convict a man - crimen exceptum.

There is much more nonsense in the same vein.

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