October 2, 1991: 1 IN 5 LIE IN MAKING RAPE CHARGES by Amanita Duga is published.

This is an interesting article which appeared in the Staten Island Advance, page A15 (accessed through NewsBank). It begins:

“Investigators estimate about 20 percent of all rapes reported on Staten Island each year did not happen -- a shocking statistic law enforcement experts say hinders their ability to help the real victims.

In many of the cases, young girls or married women invent stories of abductions and rapes to explain away a venereal disease or an evening’s absence.

And the male becomes the victim with his reputation badly damaged or destroyed.”

In spite of this, Assistant District Attorney Judith Waldman says in twelve years she has seen only one case in which a man who had been falsely accused of rape made it all the way through the system to the point of trial. They were really hoodwinked by this woman, but eventually they dropped the case.

“The vast majority of faked complaints are spotted almost immediately by detectives, trained after years of experience to recognize inconsistencies in stories”.

The article concludes: “If the detective is able to prove the woman lied, police will prosecute her for falsely reporting an incident.

Even in cases where police cannot prove in a courtroom that the woman is not telling the truth, the woman will usually recant her story once she realizes police know she has lied.”

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