SEXUAL VIOLENCE Our War Against Rape by Linda Fairstein

September 1, 1993: SEXUAL VIOLENCE Our War Against Rape by Linda A. Fairstein is published by William Morrow of New York. This is the date given by Publishers Weekly on August 30, 1993. The paperback edition of this book (which I have not seen) is said by Amazon to have been published in June 1995.

Chapter Eighteen FALSE REPORTING—A TERRIBLE FOE OF THE RAPE VICTIM, pages 217-30 begins “THE RAREST CIRCUMSTANCE in the field of sexual assault crimes—but by far the most pernicious—is that of false reporting” - yeah, sure. She gives an anonymised example of Louisa who falsely accused her boss Gary Branch - with whom she’d had an affair.

And on page 222: “On May 26, 1989, a twenty-seven-year-old woman named Shelley called 911 from a pay phone on Central Park South and reported a rape at 2:00 A.M.” - she had been arrested more than fifteen times in ten states, using aliases - she had two arrests for prostitution and two for armed robbery; her first false report of rape in New York dated to October 1984; her first one (they could find) was San Diego, 1982. In January 1988, she was convicted in Delaware.

Page 228: a motive or at least a partial one was that when she arrived in New York she had $30 in her pocket, but claiming to be a “survivor” of sexual assault she had been provided with housing, board and welfare on an emergency basis - money and attention.

Page 229: Fairstein puts false reports at 5%.

A couple of observations. The Shelley alluded to here is Shelley Bjorkland (see entry for May 26, 1989). Also see the comments by Alan Dershowitz, August 10, 1994, (below).

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