Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ó Brief Background

If Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests sounds a bit of a mouthful, use the acronym SNAP like everybody else.

The actual date of its founding by Barbara Blaine of Toledo is a bit nebulous, but this is not important. It was incorporated as a not-for-profit in 1989. Blaine says she was sexually abused by a priest when she was 13 years old. Whether or not that actually happened, the claim fattened her purse years later. Having heard her describe this abuse I find her unconvincing; her testimony is the usual garbage about fearing she wouldnít be believed if she told anyone, guilt, shame, etc, and of course her school grades slipped because of it.

You can read about her and her alleged ordeal here. Iím not saying the abuse didnít happen either at all or the way she describes it, merely that I find her testimony unconvincing. What is important is not what did or did not happen to Blaine as a child but what her organisation has done since its formation.

Here is a bit of unusual dirt on it and her. SNAP member and psychiatrist Dr Steve Taylor pleaded guilty to 23 counts of attempted possession of child pornography (Iím not sure what attempted means in this context, and frankly I donít want to know). Although one should commend Blaine for her endorsement of due process, others have accused her of double standards by not affording the same courtesy to men of the cloth who have been accused of far more serious crimes, often on less compelling evidence.

SNAP has also endorsed Australian fantasist Fiona Barnett, while Blaine and her organisation campaign to remove statutes of limitations in cases of alleged child sexual abuse. If that happens, the same tyranny and madness we have seen here in the UK will be visited on Americans.

SNAP has also gone after nuns who are supposedly sexually abusing their young charges; it has had little success for the obvious reason, but has not been discouraged. Zealots seldom are.

This article from the SNAP website appears to have been written by Blaine. who has used similar wording in some of her speeches. Note the last line: ďItís far easier for an adult to repair his or her reputation than it is for a kid to repair his or her entire life.Ē

Now ask yourself this question: if you had to make a choice of having your backside or tits groped a couple of times when you were thirteen years old or to be falsely accused of child sexual abuse as an adult, perhaps tried and acquitted, which would you choose?

In March 1993, Blaine appeared on the Donahue talk show to discuss the sex scandal in the American Catholic Church. She can be seen extremely briefly in this short clip while the man is talking. He is a SNAP official named David Clohessy. Listen to what he says about his own alleged abuse at the hands a priest. He suppressed all knowledge of this yearsí long abuse but recovered the memories after watching a film. Seriously? Not only that, he still has not recovered all these lost memories. How does he know?

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