2016- Supplementary Cases

When I set up this timeline I had intended to cover only cases from the start of the Old Bailey Proceedings in 1674 until 2015. However, I found a number of very interesting cases from 2016 on, cases which due to what might be called the universalisation of the media did not take much finding. Although there are other websites that monitor false rape cases, I have decided to add more recent cases to this one. I still have quite a few old cases to add, and am still looking for more, particularly from the non-English speaking world (or perhaps I should say those countries for which English is not a first language, because fortunately for me, my native tongue is the lingua franca of the Universe).

I will be adding more pre-2016 cases in due course, but on September 29, 2017, I added 6 new entries including 2 from 2016 and 3 from 2017. The latest dated is a very interesting radio broadcast from August 28, 2017.

I have decided not to alter the title, but as this page has been linked from the top of the Timeline, most visitors will appreciate its full scope.

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