You belong to the world I left behind,
You exist nowhere except in my mind,
Where once was obsession there’s now a void,
Only your image yet to be destroyed
Persists, but I will chase your ghost away,
For I am now, and you are yesterday.

One more unkept promise and lame excuse,
You tried every last get-out, trick and ruse,
I should have known what you were like before,
But come the day I could take it no more
My eyes opened, at last I came to see
Your lies, your base deceit, your treachery
For what they were, now they are swept away,
For I am now, and you are yesterday.

You and your band of sycophants erased
I walk not in the twilight of my days,
But in a new world, one of hope and light
Where there is goodness, and a love burns bright,
Where friends are few and far, but genuine,
A new emotion in this soul of mine
Brings sunlight where you gave me only grey,
For I am now, while you were yesterday.

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