Every Crowd Has A Silver Lining

Roll up! Roll up! Friends, come and see
The weirdest show on Earth;
You have my pledge and guarantee
You’ll get your money’s worth.

Not since Phineas T. Barnum
Has there been such a thing;
These freaks are all real, no hokum,
Brought to you by the king.

The master showman (Yours Truly),
Has scoured this planet wide;
The ugly, strange and unruly
Now wait for you inside.

Come see the bearded lady
And the man who has three legs,
The Irishman O’Grady -
The man from Cork with two heads.

The furry fish, the mermaid too,
She’ll be your heart’s delight,
And Skip, the boxing kangaroo
Who’s never lost a fight.

The Siamese twins are here as well,
A man who’s eight feet tall,
A gypsy girl who will foretell
The future for you all.

A midget who stands two feet high,
A camel with three humps;
Come see them friends, with your own eye,
I’ll not play you for chumps.

Your satisfaction guaranteed,
Money back if I lie,
A dollar bill is all you need,
Come on folks, step inside.

This is your very final chance
Before I leave this town,
Just pay your dollar in advance
Then go and walk around.

There’s one born every minute, friends,
But that does not mean you,
This is the show that never ends,
So come and join the queue.

The ugly, strange and unruly
Have been gathered worldwide,
Just pay your buck to Yours Truly
Right here, then step inside.

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