Song For A Sophist

My name is clever Roger,
I have a tale to tell,
I am a crafty dodger,
And that’s why I Eat Well.

I am an academic,
And sophism’s my game,
My Holocaust polemic
Puts my Doctorate to shame.

I savage the Deniers,
Though why I’ve not a clue,
I call the bastards liars,
For what they say is true.

My course is not semantics,
But history - don’t laugh!
I have some right old antics
At good old U. of Bath.

Of course they bloody gassed them,
The filthy Nazi swine,
They murdered and harassed them,
Don’t be so asinine.

Well yes, there are illusions,
All right then, outright fakes,
And diaries of delusions,
But we all make mistakes.

The Dachau gassings never
Did happen after all,
But don’t say none did ever,
Your very thoughts appall.

There is a Jew professor,
I love her luscious Lips,
I’d sure like to confess ’er,
The way she swings those hips!

But when she slags off IHR
She talks such awful shite,
The audience cries “Wunderbar!”
And I say, “Yes, she’s right.”

I wish I were her lover,
I could be with some luck,
But Baron’s blown my cover,
Now Deborah I won’t fuck.

But I’ll be fucked now really
By friends of Gerry Gable,
For stating loud and clearly
The Holocaust’s a fable!

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