In 1996, a 17 year old girl from Trinidad arrived at Heathrow Airport. She had come here sponsored by her aunt as a student to study her A Levels. She expected to stay for two years. At the airport she was stopped and questioned by an immigration control officer and asked “Would you like to stay in this country after you have finished your studies?”

Naively she replied that she would. She was then arrested and thrown into detention because she had “evinced an intention to outstay the term of her visa”, in the words of the solicitor who acted for her.

After contacting this solicitor - she was allowed that privilege - an emergency Judicial Review was prepared to challenge the immigration officer’s decision. Because Judicial Review is extremely complex and is a slow process even when expedited, her legal advisers asked the immigration authorities to undertake not to deport her until it was heard. They refused point blank. Her legal team therefore applied for habeas corpus, but she was deported before this could be heard. In any event her application was dismissed at the leave stage. *

This was a shabby way to treat a young girl who had arrived in Britain as a bona fide visitor (according to so-called arch-racist Nick Griffin, under a BNP government she would have been allowed in as a bona fide visitor), yet this act of wantonness received not a whisper in an “anti-racist” press which screams in mock outrage when economic migrants such as the “Roma” are refused “asylum seeker” status.

The hysteria over the Stephen Lawrence affair led to an outpouring of white ethno-masochistic wallowing such as has rarely before been seen in even ultra-politically correct Britain, together with all manner of recriminations against the police, the wider establishment, and the mythical disease of institutional racism. The ludicrous White Paper known as the Macpherson Report produced a string of recommendations ranging from the impractical and the absurd to the disturbing, and dedicated “anti-racist” groups cynically exploited the tragic death of one unfortunate teenager as a big stick with which to batter the BNP and its fellow travellers over the head.

However, a careful reading of the Macpherson Report swiftly disposes of most of the claims of police incompetence and racism. To begin with, there was never any meaningful evidence that the five young men branded publicly as the murderers of Stephen Lawrence were in any way involved. In the first instance there were not five suspects but six, and neither Stephen Lawrence’s friend Duwayne Brooks nor another (and very confident) independent eyewitness were able to identify the knifeman. Indeed, the best description does not match any of the so-called suspects, who became "suspects" largely on the strength of two anonymous letters.

The Searchlight Organisation, the Anti-Racist Alliance and others have all but turned Stephen Lawrence into a martyr, but do these people really care about black injustice?

How much publicity was given to another black murder victim, Hannah Deterville? Hannah was a 15 year old schoolgirl who was found stabbed to death in January 1998. Although she hadn’t been raped she was clearly the victim of a psychopath. Because of the poor public response to the inquiry the case was featured on the BBC Crimewatch series more than a year later in February 1999, and again the following May. The poor response was most likely because there was no suggestion of a racial motive, indeed her killer was probably black.

The foregoing examples are symptomatic of the crass hypocrisy of “anti-racist” agitators. It is difficult to understand why Roma "refugees" should be more welcome than a bona fide student from a Commonwealth country, or why a frenzied attack on a 15 year old girl by a potential serial killer should be less newsworthy than the knifing of an 18 year old youth by a gang of drunken yobs, except that there is little political capital to be made out of a 17 year old student visitor from the Island of Trinidad, or a 15 year old British-born black girl who has become just one more crime statistic.

* An application for Judicial Review goes first before a single judge at the High Court; if the single judge gives leave it then goes before three judges.

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