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Remember that classic saying: Thereís No Such Thing As A Free Lunch? Here is the good news - it ainít true! It may be true that ultimately there is a tab to pick up, but often it is the person giving away the goodies who pays. Here is an example.

Do you have a JPG file or perhaps a series of them that you would like to convert to PDFs? The website allows you do that for free. It is run by Philippe Bernard, a programmer who canít get enough of his work, so he wrote this special program just for you which you can use absolutely free. So, if for example you have half a dozen JPG scans of a document, instead of displaying and coding them individually, you can compress them into one document the reader can view conveniently.

If like most of us nowadays you know a bit of HTML, you may code your website by yourself, but how do you know youíve got it right? Here is a free HTML validator; simply enter the url of the offending page, and you will receive a list of error messages that shows you where and how you have gone wrong.

Here is an entire suite of website performance metrics you can use to analyse your own website, other peopleís and even to hunt for available domains.

Finally, unless you need your own domain, there are plenty of hosts that will offer you free space in exchange for placing a few adverts on it, you can even use your Facebook account or a free blog as a de facto website.

No such thing as a free lunch? Not in this restaurant.

Free tools I found on-line.

[The above article was published originally by Yahoo! Voices, March 9, 2014].

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