Five Things You May Buy Hoping You Will Never Need

Does it make sense to buy something you will never need? On the face of it, maybe not, but consider:

An umbrella: Unless you live in the desert, or never venture outdoors, you will probably need one of these at some point. Perhaps if you ask her nicely, this young lady will lend you hers?

A first aid kit: This can be a legal requirement. What school, business or public venue would not have one?

A burglar alarm: Like other forms of security, this is something you may buy hoping you will never need. The most basic form is a lock and key. Whatever type of security you use, it is something you hope will never be bypassed.

Insurance: All the above are forms of insurance, in a sense, against a rainy day, bleeding to death, or unwanted visitors. Whether or not you need insurance, there are times when it is mandatory. Try driving a car without it, and you may find yourself in serious trouble.

There are many resources on-line to check out car insurance rates, and there are different types of car insurance. In the UK there are Third Party; Third Party, Fire and Theft; and, if you want to insure your vehicle against being hit by a flying Christmas tree, Comprehensive. No joke, thatís what happened to a certain Mr Fairclough.

Okay, thatís four things you may buy hoping you will never need. And the fifth? A coffin. Unfortunately, there is little chance of avoiding that, unless you donate your body to medical science, but the good news is that it is the very last thing you will ever need, and you wonít have to pick up the tab yourself.

[The above article was published originally by Yahoo! Voices, March 7, 2014].

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