Ode To A (Publicity) Whore

There is a harlot, Chloe Goins,
Claims Cosby pried apart her loins,
Plied her with drink, and to be blunt,
Violated her drunken cunt.

Granted, rape is an awful crime,
And sadly happens all the time,
But if this claim is not a spoof,
Miss Goins had better bring some proof.

She gave a place, she gave a date,
Where she claims in her drunken state
The wicked deed was carried out,
And so did tabloid scoundrels shout,

But one thing’s missing from this tale,
A photograph, which will prevail
To prove Bill Cosby too was there,
So if you have one, kindly share,

For there will surely have been one
To prove he could at least have done
The foul deed, that’s unless you lie
Miss Goins, you foxy harlot sly!

And where are all the tabloids now,
The ones who told us when and how
The rape of Goins was carried out?
’Tis easy lies and hate to spout,
But when the time is come for proof,
Like Chloe, strangely, they’re aloof.

March 8, 2015

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