Memorandum To Operation Yewtree


Hello copper, rozzer, plod, pig, and my personal favourite, filth. Recognise these faces?

William Roache

Rolf Harris

Jimmy Tarbuck

Dave Lee Travis

Jim Davidson

Paul Gambaccini

Sure you do. They are some of the men who have entertained us for the past fifty years. Men whose names you have dragged through the mud, whose reputations you have trashed, and in one case whose legacy you have destroyed. I’ll keep this short, because after the stunt you pulled with Cliff Richard, some of the sheeple are starting to wake up, so we all know what I’m talking about.

Cliff Richard

First, I want you to watch a short video.

See what happened there, or rather what didn’t happen? And hear what the presenter said: without the camera it would have been her word against his.

Now I want you to imagine something, something a lot less lurid than a VIP paedophile ring that kidnaps, violates, tortures and murders underage boys. I want you to imagine that this lying little tart had delayed reporting this phantom sexual assault for 15 years, which would be about the time Jimmy Savile died. Now, showing great courage, she comes forward to accuse this powerful man who sexually abused her; she was too frightened to report it before because she feared she wouldn’t be believed.

Let’s imagine two sub-scenarios: first there was no camera, so again it is her word against his. Now imagine the camera had still been there, but after fifteen years, the exculpatory video has long since been deleted or destroyed. So what do we have here if not a cover up? Obviously someone very high up is protecting this predatory traffic cop, a conspiracy of the powerful.

Now let’s imagine one more thing, fifteen years later, that cop is still patrolling the streets. Maybe he hasn’t got what it takes to make detective. Maybe he has a working wife, and they’re doing very nicely on two fairly modest incomes. Maybe he is just unambitious. This woman comes forward and accuses him, and she is believed, but internal affairs need more evidence, so they put out a public appeal naming the officer concerned. If you witnessed this traffic stop or think you have any evidence that could be relevant about this or any other offence alleged against this officer, please contact us in complete confidence. You will be granted lifelong anonymity, unless of course you decide to waive it when you sell your story to the media after his conviction. You may be entitled to compensation if you have been sexually assaulted, even if he is not convicted. And if your story doesn’t add up or even if it is totally discredited, you won’t face prosecution because we realise how traumatic incidents like this are, so if you get the date wrong, if like the false accuser of Paul Gambaccini you are not only in the wrong year but the wrong decade, there will be no consequences. If like the five women who falsely accused Jimmy Tarbuck your story is shown clearly to be false, again there will be no consequences. For you at any rate.

How many attention seekers, chancers and lunatics do you think would come forward claiming to have been groped or even raped by this innocent man? Five, ten, thirty? No one can tell, but let’s say there are thirty, and twenty-six of them are proven to be whackos, you put four of them on the stand, and what does the district attorney say in closing?

None of these women know each other. They have all told strikingly similar stories, so what is the obvious conclusion? Either this is a conspiracy – ho, ho, ho – or the accused is guilty as charged.

Need I go on? There is probably not a celebrity in the world – male or female, nor a police officer – male or female – who couldn’t be convicted of some heinous crime using this sort of insane methodology. And don’t forget, evidence is not required. Rolf Harris was convicted of sexually assaulting this nutter even though it was proven she had never met him.

False accuser and head case Wendy Wild

More recently, this guy, Mark Pearson, was charged with and stood trial for rape, even though CCTV evidence proved clearly that no offence had been committed.

The falsely accused and bemused Mark Pearson

Look, I realise, we all realise, there are real criminals out there, that some of them have guns, and might shoot back. And no one knows better than me that you people like easy targets, but bear this in mind, if the powers-that-be keep perverting the rule of law, and if you keep going along with it, eventually they will come for you too. Indeed, they have come for some of you already.

[The above is a transcript of my narration only.]

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