Dani Clay – World Famous In Brentwood

Susan Boyle was nearly fifty before she got her big break. When she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, she was greeted with derision. Until she opened her mouth. The rest, as they say, is history. Dani Clay is thirty-two, and it is difficult to imagine anyone laughing at her unless she cracked a joke. Unlike Boyle she is not a mezzo-soprano, her bailiwick is the Blues, Soul, Funk, even a bit of Rock. And she writes her own material.

According to her guitarist, who has worked with her for the past five years, she is one of a kind. If you check her out on YouTube or better still live, you will probably agree. She has a small but dedicated following, and she works at her craft; the only question to be answered is will she ever arrive, or better still, when?

She started out age seventeen in an all-girl group called Lyric. Fifteen years on she has honed her act to perfection. She is no stranger to local radio in her native Essex, and on the London pub circuit she performs mostly covers, but inserts a couple of her own compositions here and there. You can find her on Facebook, YouTube and a few other sites, including SongFacts and iTunes.

On the 9th of next month she will be playing The Hob at Forest Hill, South London, a venue she knows well. It is unlikely Simon Cowell will turn up, but if he’s looking for the next big thing, he could make a poorer choice than The Dani Clay Band.

Dani Clay

[The above article was published originally April 28, 2014 with the same photograph. When I checked the OneConvo website on January 30, 2015, it had disappeared. The archived version of the original article can be found here.]

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